Translated MA Care Planning Documents

Multi-lingual Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive

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Language is an asset, not a barrier, to getting good care.

You can complete a free planning document in your primary or preferred language to let others know your care choices.  We translated the English version of the Honoring Choices Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive (Living Will)  into many languages below.  Just download and print a no cost document. Each multi-lingual document has: 1. translated instructions and document and,  2. the English version document.  After you complete your document, give a copy to your care providers to place in your medical record.

Download a Multi-lingual Health Care Proxy & Personal Directive


What is a MA Health Care Proxy?

    • This is a legal document where you choose a trusted person to be your Health Care Agent.  Your Agent makes health care decisions for you if you are unable to make decisions yourself. Adults 18 and older can complete a Health Care Proxy.

What is a MA Personal Directive (Living Will)? 

    • This is a personal document where you give your Health Care Agent, family and care providers information and instructions about the care you want. If you are unable to choose an Agent to complete a Health Care Proxy, just start with the Personal Directive.

ភាសាខ្មែរ - Khmer

Shqip - Albanian

नेपाली - Nepali

Kiswahili - Swahili

Tagalog - Tagalog

Polski - Polish