Next Steps Tool Kit

Build on your planning conversations-from simple to serious illness- to get good care over your lifetime.

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1. Build on Your Conversations

Use our handy conversation guides to ensure your care aligns with your goals and choices.

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2. Update & Add Documents

Use the 5 MA planning documents to document your treatment choices.


3. Get Better Care

Work with your care providers to manage illness and live well with serious illness.

Getting the best possible care that honors your goals and care choices is a lifelong journey. Now that you have started to make your personal plan with a Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive in the Getting Started Tool Kit, you can build on your planning discussions and revise and add planning documents as your health needs and choices change over time.

The Next Step Tool Kit helps you work in partnership with your care providers to build on your planning conversations and update your care plan to manage health needs and chronic illness, and live well with serious illness.

This tool kit is a step-by step guide to:

Step 1. Build on Your Conversations – from Simple to Serious Illness.

Step 2. Update and Add Documents

Step 3. Get Better Care to Manage Illness and Live Well

You can follow the steps above or start with whatever makes sense to you.


Download the Next Step Tool Kit for Consumers below.

View the Next Step Tool Kit Checklist, a step-by-step guide to get good care today and over your lifetime.