Your Health Care. Your Choice!

Who Is Your Health Care Agent?

Grid of 5 images showing pairs of people of all ages that could be acting as health care agents for each other.

Get Started: Choose a Health Care Agent and complete a Health Care Proxy.

Starting at 18 years old, you can choose a trusted person to be your Health Care Agent.

If you get sick and can not make care decisions yourself, even for a short time while you get better, your Health Care Agent can step in with the power to talk with your doctors and make decisions to get you the care you want. You appoint your Health Care Agent in a document called a Health Care Proxy.

You can do it yourself!

Flat graphic of 2 people holding hands, representing health care agents.

1. Choose a person you trust, like a family member, a friend, or anyone you like to be your Health Care Agent.

Flat graphic of someone signing a health care proxy.

2. Print a free Health Care Proxy document. (In 15 languages.) Write in the name of your Health Care Agent and complete the form.

Flat graphic of someone sharing a health care proxy with their health care provider.

3. Give a copy of your Health Care Proxy to your doctors and care providers. They can call your Health Care Agent in an emergency.

Graphic illustration of the health care proxy wallet card.

4. Make your own “I Have a Health Care Proxy” Wallet Card. (In 4 languages.)

What if your are not able to choose a Health Care Agent?

No Agent? That's Ok. You can write down your care preferences in a document called a Personal Directive or Living Will, and share it with your doctors and care providers to get good care that is right for you.


You can print and distribute the free handout that show's this 3 step process and share with your family, friends, community and faith based groups.

Print a Health Care Proxy, Wallet Card, and Personal Directive (Living Will).

Health Care Proxy


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Wallet Card


Español -Spanish

Português - Portuguese

繁體中文 -Traditional Chinese

Personal Directive (Living Will)


Español -Spanish

Português - Portuguese

Русский -Russian

繁體中文 - Traditional Chinese


  • Screen reader accessible: Use screen reader and fill-able online documents. Learn more.

Your Organization Can Join the Simple Step Campaign!

Care professionals help adults take a simple step to complete a Health Care Proxy.

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association, Honoring Choices and leading cross-continuum organizations have come together to engage every adult in a simple conversation to choose a Health Care Agent and complete a Health Care Proxy. (In 15 languages).

If adults are not able to choose a Health Care Agent,  care professionals can offer a Personal Directive (Living Will). The Personal Directive helps adults write down their care preferences and share with their care providers. (In 5 languages).

It's easy to add the Simple Step Campaign to your health care and community organization's workflow. We provide the no cost Simple Step campaign materials, Honoring Choices multi-lingual planning documents and tool kits, and a 30 minute staff training to confidently engage adults in simple conversations. All community groups and health care systems are very welcome. Let's ensure every adult across the Commonwealth has early and equal access to health care planning.

Read more and join the campaign here.

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