New England Healthy Living Collective

New England Healthy Living Collective is a collaborative group of aging and dementia friendly and health care leaders, working togther to build an integrated cross state care network to ensure equity in healthy aging.

Make Your Own Personal Health Care Plan!

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The NE Collective members from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Vermont  are working together to ensure all adults have access to their state's free planning documents to make a personal health care plan. Your plan is your road map to get the best possible care that aligns with your goals and choices over your lifetime. 

We are also working on an important state and regional policy change.

Our goal is to bring together our six states to ensure no matter where you live, receive care, or travel in New England, your care planning documents, including POLST, MOLST COLST forms,  will be honored in order to receive timely, equitable care that aligns with your choices. Goal in Process!

Find Your State. Download Free Documents 

Each state has its own laws and planning documents which protect your right to get the care you want.

Click on the state where you live to view your state's planning documents & information. You can download free advance directives or legal  & personal documents, to choose an Agent/legal surrogate and write down your care choices. Please note the MOLST/POLST/ COLST and DRN forms are medical orders and must be completed by your clinicians.


Documents & Information


New Hampshire

Documents & Information

New Hampshire

Health care agents for eachotherIntroducing ... NEW Rhode Island Care Planning Tool Kit 

With the guidance of our RI Partners, we put together a simple health care planning tool kit for RI residents.

Starting at 18 years old, adults can make their own health care decisions and write down their decisions in a health care plan. This tool kit includes Rhode Island care planning information, documents, and links to local resources.

Download the RI Care Planning Tool Kit here.

Download a free RI Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care document to get started! View Here!


Rhode Island

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  • Therese Rochon, MS, MA, FNP-C, ACHPN, VNA Care New England, National POLST State Representative
  • Kelly Baxter, DNP, FNP-BC, ACHPN, Baxter Palliative Consulting, LLC, National POLST State representative
  • Patricia A Chace MD, CMD, Medical Director, OPTUM Complex Care Management;


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NE Collective Partners Resources

Here's more information about state and local resources.  We are just getting started. Please check back often!

Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative (MHAC) is working to make Massachusetts a national leader in vibrant and inclusive age-friendly communities. MHAC recently released the 2018 MA Health Aging Data Report,  which serves "as a roadmap helping to identify strengths and needs in communities across the Commonwealth." The data report offers a detailed picture of the health of Massachusetts residents town-by-town.  You can read the Highlights of the 2018 Data Report here.

Learn more about  Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative here.

Dementia Friends MA and Memory Cafés Directory (MA & National)

Dementia Friends is a global public awareness program that teaches five key messages about dementia and the simple things that every community member can do to make a difference. Dementia Friends MA has wonderful information on Memory Cafés for all New England states & beyond. A memory café is a welcoming place for people with forgetfulness or other changes in their thinking and for their family and friends. Each memory café is different. Some cafés invite guest artists, some offer education about memory changes, and some are just for relaxing and chatting. But all cafés share one goal: to help guests feel comfortable and to know that they are not alone. Cafés are a place to talk with others who understand what you are going through, to forget about limitations and instead focus on strengths, to enjoy other’s company, and to explore something new. Learn more:

You can learn more at