Consumer Health Equity Advisory Group

Coming together to drive the agenda for meaningful change

Health Care Planning is for Everyone

Adults, community groups and advocates are lending their knowledge and lived experiences to intentionally influence consumer-driven health care policies and programs.  We are elevating the consumer voice to shift the balance of decision-making power to adults.  Working together we will propose consumer-oriented changes to create a more trustworthy system that welcomes respectful consumer-care provider partnerships in order to deliver timely, equitable person-driven care.

Raise Your Voice. Drive Change. Take Action

Here's what consumers are focused on!

Acknowledge bias.

1. Raise Your Voice

Elevate consumer voices. Direct your choices.

· Shift the balance of decision-making power to consumers.

· Correct the message: You don't have a "say in your care"- you have a right to direct your care choices over your lifetime.

· Spread the word for equal access to care planning tools.

· Make your own plan! 

Download the Getting Started Tool Kit here. 

Be anti-racist

2. Close the gap on health disparities

Impact of health disparities on consumers

· Acknowledge racial disparities, cultural bias, disability discrimination

·  Identify policies and practices that foster everyday barriers

·  Identify systematic policies and programs that disproportionately disadvantage Black, Latinx, and historically marginalized populations.

· Propose consumer-oriented pathways for inclusive access timely, equitable care.

· Collaborate with others actively working on solutions to close the gap.

MOLST form users

3. Inform and Guide Policy & Programs

Influence state & organizational programs

·  Inform and align policies and best practices with consumer knowledge and lived experience.

·  Identify key elements to build more trustworthy systems

·  Build respectful consumer-care provider partnerships

·  Support a diverse workforce & inclusive multi-disciplinary care teams

Here's What Consumers are Working On.

We are bringing together an inclusive advisory group of individuals, consumer advocates and community organizations.

Here are the project we are working on:

Equal Access to Health Care Planning

Advise Honoring Choices on improving consumer access to bring to culturally and linguistically appropriate care planning tools to communities across the Commonwealth.

Inform and Guide New Programs 

Consult on the framework to build a person-centered Serious Illness Care and POLST Program, and propose equitable policies and best practice initiatives.

Build an Inclusive Continuum of Care and Services.

Coordinate with the Honoring Choice Partner Network and our three other Advisory Groups to contribute vital consumer information to build an more inclusive continuum of care and services.


Come Join Us. We welcome your perspective and knowledge to shift the balance for powerful consumer-based change.

Contact Ellen at 781 642-0454, or send an email to Ellen at edipaola@honoringchoicesmass