Who's Your Agent? Program

Make a plan for good care today and over your lifetime.

Your personal care plan helps you talk with family and important people about your care preferences, and work in partnership with your health care providers to get the best possible care over your health care journey.

Phases of personal health for health care planning.

Every person can make a personal care plan.

It's easy to make your own plan. Consumers and health care professionals use the same planning process and tool kits below for early and on-going planning conversations. Here's how it works —

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Step-by-Step Health Care Planning Process

Our step-by-step health care planning process makes it easy to make your own plan.

The video below shows you how to get started.

View the video. 

Start to make your plan with a simple conversation to Name a Health Care Agent, and complete a Health Care Proxy document

The process helps you have important conversations from simple-to-serious illness to make care choices, and write down your care choices using the Honoring Choices Tool Kits and the Ariadne Labs Serious Illness Conversations Guides.

Download the Handout here.

Getting Started and Next Steps Tool Kits

Use the tool kits to have important conversations and write down your care choices in MA planning documents.

Getting Started Tool Kit

Getting Started Tool Kit Cover

Start a simple conversation to make your own plan with guides and free documents to help you:

  • Name a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy
  • Write down your care preferences in a Personal Directive.
  • Talk with your care professionals about your goals and priorities, using a handy conversation guide.

Personalize and Update Your Plan

Personalize your own printable health care proxy card.

You can use the tool kits above to start your plan, and personalize and update your plan with the documents and tools below. Here you will find-

  • Information about the 5 MA planning documents;
  • Multi-lingual planning documents;
  • "I Have a Health Care Proxy" wallet card;
  • Handy guides for simple to serious illness conversations;
  • Informational fact sheets.

Consumers and Care Provider Webinars

Consumer taking a health care planning webinar for more instruction.

Gather your group; we'll provide an informational virtual presentation!

For Consumers:

  • Now's the Time. Make Your own Plan!

For Staff and Health Care Professionals:

  • Become a Certified Health Care Planning Ambassador;
  • Engage Adults in Seamless Conversations from Simple to Serious Illness, learn more.

Everything You Need is on the Resources Page.

Complete information about the Health Care Planning Process and free downloadable Getting Started and Next Steps Tools Kits, multilingual tools and more is on the Resources page. Learn more here.