The Role of Agents, Guardians, and Caregivers


Who's on the journey with you?

Starting at 18 years old, competent adults have the right to direct their care decisions all through their health care journey. Often there are family members, Health Care Agents, Guardians and Caregivers on the journey with an adult. Each has a defined role and responsibility to help protect the rights of adults and ensure they get the best possible care that honors their values & choices.

Rights, Role and Decision-Making Authoirty

Here are informational "question and answer" articles to learn more about every adult's right to make health care decisions, and the role and decision-making authority of a Massachusetts Health Care Agent, Guardian and Caregiver. Just click on the link to read or download an article. Remember, the law in each state may vary as to role and decision-making authority. The information below in written in accordance with Massachusetts law.


Health Care Agent: