Webinars for Health Care Providers

Enhance your care team's knowledge and communication skills.

Here are two popular webinars for your staff and colleagues. Choose one or both webinars below to confidently engage adults in health care planning discussions.

"Become a Health Care Planning Ambassador. Help Adults Make a Plan!"


Educate your staff and colleagues as certified Health Care Planning Ambassadors to confidently  and routinely start a planning conversation to help adults make a care plan. Come join the 1500 certified Ambassadors who use the Getting Started Tool Kit  and Next Steps Tool Kit to engage adults in powerful planning conversations to complete a MA Heath Care Proxy and Personal Directive (Living Will), and build on their personal plan to get better care to live well with chronic and serious illness. This webinar provides our signature “Who’s Your Agent?” Program and two easy to use tool kits and discussion guides.  Ambassadors gain strategies to start simple conversations, understand the 5 MA documents to revise/update a plan, and access resources to help connect adults to better care in their community.

Participants receive a HCM Health Care Planning Ambassador Certificate. Ambassadors receive our monthly e-newsletter with updated tools and the latest information.

Time: 50-60 Minute Interactive Q/A Webinar.

Cost: No cost to HCM Partners. Honorariums are gratefully accepted.

To Schedule a Webinar: You gather your group and suggest a date. We'll provide flyers, slide deck and electronic Getting Started and Next Steps Tool KitsFirst come, first service. Contact Ellen, edipaola@honoringchoicesmass.com

Note: Multi-lingual presentations for culturally competent conversations and use of translated Health Care Proxy (12 languages) and Personal Directive (5 languages) are available.


"Engage Adults in Seamless Conversations from Simple to Serious Illness."

Woman Doc Care Planning

Honoring Choices is aligning our tool kits with Ariadne Labs Serious Illness Conversation Guide, to help front line staff engage adults in seamless proactive planning conversations at any phase of health.  Educate your staff and colleagues to start a simple “Who’s Your Agent?” conversation, using the HCM Getting Started Tool Kit to complete a Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive (Living Will), and flow into a more complex “What matters most?” conversation, using Ariadne Labs Serious Illness Conversation Guide. The webinar introduces Ariadne Labs Serious Illness Conversation Guides to provide care providers with an effective  step-by-step communication approach to incorporate into their planning conversations. Front-line staff report the webinar has greatly added to their confidence, knowledge and skill level, and is particularly timely in light of Covid-19.

Time: 60 Minute Interactive Q/A Webinar.

To Schedule a Webinar  HCM Ambassadors & Partners can schedule a joint webinar to add to your staff's knowledge/skills; other health care and community groups working with high risk, frail or seriously ill patient/clients are welcome. You gather your group. We'll provide flyers, slide deck and electronic HCM Getting Started Took Kit and Ariadne Labs Serious Illness Conversation Guides. First come, first serve. Contact Ellen, edipaola@honoringchoicesmass.com

To schedule a webinar contact Ellen, edipaola@honoringchoicesmass.com, 781 642-0454