Getting Started Tool Kit

Make your own health care plan. It's as easy as 1-2-3! 


Choose a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy.

Completing a document.

Talk with your family. Write down your choices for care in a Personal Directive.

Talking to a doctor.

Talk with your doctors & care providers to align care to your choices.

This do-it-yourself tool kit provides easy step by step instructions to start to make your personal health care plan.  You can do one step at a time or complete all three steps. The tool kit includes helpful information, a Massachusetts Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive, and handy discussion guides to talk with your family and care providers about your care choices.

Getting Started Tool Kit Video Series

Getting Started Video Tool KitYou can listen & watch the video series to make your own plan.

• A good place to start is with the Overview.

• Then go to Step 1 and follow the video series, or start with any video that's right for you.

• Download & print the tool kit. Fill out the documents and put your plan into action!


Here's a quick road map for making your own plan!

(Time: 2:41)

Step 1. Choose a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy.

There are two videos in Step 1:

  • How to Choose a Heath Care Agent. Learn who you can choose, what an Agent does, and when your Agent steps-in to get you care. (Time: 7:38)


  • How to Fill Out Your Health Care Proxy. Once you choose your Agent, give your Agent the legal power to make health care decisions in a MA Health Care Proxy. (Time: 8:33)

No Agent? No Problem!

Not sure who to choose as your Agent? Sometimes it's hard to do. It's no problem- you can start to make your plan with a Personal Directive (Living Will).  Listen to this video- then go right to Step 2. (Time: 1:32)

Step 2. Talk with family about your care choices. Write down your choices in a Personal Directive.

  • How to Fill Out Your Personal Directive (Living Will). Learn how to start a planning discussion with your family, friends or anyone important to you. Fill our your Personal Directive to give others information and instructions about your care.  (Time: 8:18)

Step 3. Talk with your care providers to match care to your choices.

  •  Learn how to start a planning discussion to match the best possible care to your care goals, values & choices. The 5 Things to Talk About with Your Care Providers handy discussion guide, and put your plan into action!  (Time: 5:58)

Download & print the entire toolkit.