Our Story

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a consumer oriented non-profit organization focused on the rights of every adult to direct their health care choices and make a plan to receive the best possible care today and over their lifetime.

We support the health care providers, community professionals, fait -based groups and hundreds of Community Partners with training and tool kits to engage adults in effective planning conversations, and connect adults to timely  care in their community.


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We started with a simple idea:

Everyone can access free tools to make a health care plan and get good care.

Honoring Choices provides a structured approach to health care planning.  Everyone can download free, Massachusetts-based health care planning information and tools to make their own health care plan. You plan is your personal roadmap to get good care that honors your values & choices.

Graphic showing the community groups that create a continuum of care

And we partnered...

With care professionals to connect adults to quality care in their community

The Community Partners, who are health care providers, community groups and care professionals, use the same structured approach. Care providers and consumers use the same language and tools to start effective health care planning discussions, and provide or refer adults to care that aligns with their care goals, values and choices.


Then a wonderful thing happened —

Health, advocacy, and state organizations joined our collaborative mission

The Alliance Partners, who are membership organizations, state agencies, health care systems and insurers, advocacy and faith based organizations, are working other on a shared mission: to offer their care providers and staff a structured approach to health care planning with a common, unified language and set of Massachusetts planning tools. The Alliance Partners distribute proven programs to thousands of their care providers & staff, who actively engage adults in planning discussions across the Commonwealth.

A map o f Massachusetts outlining the six partner regions.

And we grew! Partners & Ambassadors in 6 regions statewide

The Partner networks expanded to create a continuum-of-care in each region

Each region has its own identity, each addressing local needs and building a network of shared best practices. All the Partners use the Honoring Choices programs for effective early and on-going planning discussions to connect adults to quality care at every phase of health. The Health Care Planning Ambassadors, both community volunteers and care providers, confidently help adults make a Health Care Proxy & Personal Directive(Living Will), and help connects adults to care in their local community.

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"Everyone. Everyday." Let's do this together!

Every adult can exercise their right to direct their care choices, and receive quality care that honors their choices, all through their lives.

Our highly collaborative "Everyone, Everyday" mission provides easy access to information and tools to empower adults to make a health care plan in their own language, culture and ability, and receive quality care that reflects their values and choices today and everyday. Everyone can help — read more!