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Your Health Care. Your Choice.

It's more important than ever! Make a plan for better care over your lifetime.

Health Care Planning is for Everyone

Take Charge

Starting at 18 years old, adults can take control of their health care decisions to get the best possible care over their lifetime. 

Our Health Care Planning Process helps adults make a personal plan that includes both:  

  • Everyday Care Planning, to talk with your care providers to improve health and well-being; and,
  • Advance Care Planning, to write down your care choices in the 5 MA planning documents. 

Make Your Own Plan

Our signature Who's Your Agent? Program provides  the popular Getting Started Tool Kit and Next Steps Tool Kits. You can do-it-yourself!

Get Help: Meet our Amazing Partner Network

We've partnered with hundreds of health care organizations and community groups. The Honoring Choices Community Partners help adults start a planning conversation, make a personal plan and help connect adults to needed care and services in their community. 

Transforming Health Care Planning. Advancing Health Equity

Honoring Choices MA is a consumer focused organization, working together with health care and community providers to help adults get care that honors their values, goals and care choices at every phase of health.  Together we are transforming health care planning, addressing structural barriers, and advancing health  equity.  Join us!

Make Your Own Plan

Honoring Choices provides a simple structured approach to health care planning.  Our signature Who’s Your Agent?® Program is a step-by-step process to make your own plan that includes two easy to use tool kits.  Adults can use the do-it -yourself  Getting Started Tool Kit,  to start to make their plan,  and Next Steps Tool Kit, to build on their plan as health needs change over their lifetime.  Consumers and health care providers use the same tool kits for a shared understand of an individual's goals, values and care choices in order to provide better care.  Download the tool kits with planning documents below or use individual planning documents in multiple languages.  

Who's Your Agent? The Getting Started Tool Kit is an easy as 1-2-3!

Hispanic mother and daughter

Choose a trusted person to be your Health Care Agent (Agent).  Appoint your Agent in a legal document called a Health Care Proxy.


Signing Personal Directive

Write down your instructions for the care you want and do not want, what you value most, and any personal messages in a document called a Personal Directive or Living Will.

Talking to a doctor.

Use our handy discussion guide to talk about your care goals and treatment choices to stay healthy and live well over your lifetime.

Get Help: Meet the Partners

Our Partners help adults make a plan and connect to care in their community.

 The Honoring Choices MA (HCM) Partners Network is a collaborative team of hundreds of health care providers, local community organizations, and state and membership organizations and consumers.

  • The Community Partners, Alliance Partners and New England Partners below are care providers and community professionals helping to standardize health care planning across the Commonwealth and beyond.  
  • The Consumer Health Equity Advisory Group below elevates the voice of adults, families, caregivers and advocates to inform and guide program and policy change. 

Want to become a Partner?  Everyone is welcome to work on our shared mission. We support and promote your group's mission and provide our signature Who's Your Agent? Program, tool kits and training for care providers and consumer groups. It's no cost. Contact us here.


Consumers: Find a Partner in one of our seven regions to help you make a plan and connect to needed care.


Statewide groups supporting care providers & consumers, and working on joint projects for systems change.


Consumer Health Equity Advisory Group, brings together consumers & advocates to drive the agenda for meaningful change. Come  join us!


New England Healthy Living Collective, are health and aging leaders in 6 states working to improve integrated cross- state care and honoring care choices. 

Transform Health Care. Advance Healthy Equity

Honoring Choices is changing the way we think about health care planning. Our Who's Your Agent Program helps adults start early goals of care planning discussions with care providers to receive quality care aligned with their goals and care choices. Planning offers adults and their care providers a roadmap to promote wellness, manage chronic illness as we age, and live well with serious illness. 

The Honoring Choices Partners work together to advance health equity and remove barriers to care based on language, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, and age. The Partners are actively addressing social determinants in their community that negatively impact health.

Guided by the voices of adults and families in our Consumer Health Equity Advisory Group,  and the shared expertise of our Partner Network, we are working to change our systems and forge new pathways for timely, equitable, person-directed care. Learn more by clicking on the buttons below.

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