Your Health Care. Your Choice.

Make a personal plan for better care today and over your lifetime.

Health Care Planning is for Everyone

Every adult can start a simple conversation to make a personal health care plan.  Your plan is your roadmap to talk with your family and health care providers about the care you want and do not want.

Our Who's Your Agent? Program, a structured approach to health care planning, helps adults take control of their health care decisions to make a personal plan to get good care today and over their lifetime.  

A good place to start is by asking this question:

If you get sick and cannot make health care decisions yourself - even for a short time while you recover-

  • Who would you choose as your Health Care Agent, a person you trust to make care decisions for you?
  • What would you tell your Health Care Agent about your preferences for the kind of care you want?

Everyone can make a plan. It's easy to do using these two tool kits:

  • Getting Started Tool Kit  helps you start a simple planning conversation to make plan to get good care today;
  • Next Steps Tool Kit helps you build on your conversations as your health needs change to get good care over your lifetime.


Who's Your Agent?® Program

Getting Started Tool Kit. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Everyone can start a simple conversation to make a plan for good care today!

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1. Who's Your Agent?

Choose a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy.

signing Personal Directive

2. What Matters to Me?

Write down your care choices in a Personal Directive (Living Will).

Talking to a doctor.

3. Talk About Your Care.

Use our handy conversation guide to put your plan into action.

You can start to make your plan by choosing a Health Care Agent in Step 1. Not able to choose a Agent? That's OK. Just start with Step 2 to write down what' s important to you and the kind of care you want.

The tool kit includes a  free MA Health Care Proxy form (available in 15 languages), MA Personal Directive (Living Will) form; "I Have a Health Care Proxy" Wallet Card, and a handy  guide, Start a Simple Conversation To Stay Well.

Next StepsTool Kit

Build on your conversations - from simple to serious illness - to update your plan for good care over your lifetime.

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1. Build on Your Conversations

Use our handy conversation guides to get the best possible care as your health needs and priorities change.

Icon: 2 papers, 1 MOLST, 1 CC/DNR. Must be valid.

2. Update & Add Documents

Update your written plan and add new documents to communicate your goals and care choices.

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3. Get Better Care

Get the kind of care you want to manage chronic illness and live well with serious illness.

The tool kit includes handy conversation guides from simple to serious illness for consumers and care providers;  information about a Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST), and Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate Order (CC/DNR) to update and add to your plan; and information about specialized care to manage chronic illness and  live well with serious illness.

Get Help: Meet the Honoring Choices Partners

Our Partners help adults make a plan and connect to care in their community.

The Honoring Choices MA (HCM) Partners Network is a voluntary, collaborative team of hundreds of health care providers, local community organizations and professionals, and state and membership organizations, who use the Honoring Choices Who's Your Agent? Program and tools.

Our shared mission is helping adults get equal access to care planning information, in order to standardize early and on-going planning conversations and improve access to timely care.  The Partners offer many different types of services at every phase of health. Honoring Choices does not refer or recommend any one Partner. Consumers choose what information and services are right for them.

Want to become a Partner? Come join the Honoring Choices Partner Network. It's no cost. We tailor our program to support your organizational mission.  Read about the Who's Your Agent? Program for Care Providers & Professionals here.

Meet the Partners

care providers in the community

Get Help from the Community Partners

Consumers: Our Community Partners use the Who's Your Agent? Program to help adults start a simple conversation to make a plan, and can often connect to care in your community. Find a Community Partner near you in one of our seven MA regions.

continuum of care

Alliance Partners

Our Alliance Partners are statewide & national groups who use the Who's Your Agent? Program to train staff to confidently engage adults in conversations, help adults make a plan, and connect to local resources. We work on joint projects for systems change.

Consumer Health Equity

Consumer Health Equity Advisory Group

Our Consumer Health Equity Advisory Group, brings together individuals, consumer groups & advocates to elevate the consumer voice and drive the agenda for meaningful program and policy change.  Everyone is welcome!

Map of New England

New England Collective

Our New England Healthy Living Collective are  leaders  in 6 states providing state-specific planning documents and working to improve cross-state care and honoring care choices no matter where you live or travel.

Transform Health Care Planning.
Advance Healthy Equity.

Phases of Health

Honoring Choices Massachusetts (HCM) is changing the way we engage in health care planning as a process to get good care TODAY and everyday over your lifetime. Our  Who's Your Agent? Program, a structured approach to health care planning based on Massachusetts law,  recognizes the right of every individual to direct their care decisions, regardless of age, race, culture, health condition or range of abilities to make decisions.

Every adult, with or without support, can start a simple conversation to express their care choices and preferences with the Getting Started Tool Kit.   When ready, adults can proceed at their own pace to build on their conversations with the Next Steps Tool Kit, to help manage changing health needs and chronic illness and live well with serious illness.  Both consumers and care providers use the Who's Your Agent? Program's tool kits and conversation guides for effective conversations to help ensure adults can access care that honors their goals and care choices to improve everyday health outcomes and plan for future care.

Guided by diverse consumer voices and the collective expertise of the HCM Partners, we are taking action to transform the planning process to improve health outcomes, address policies and programs to advance health equity, and build more responsive care delivery systems.  Here's are some of our exciting initiatives-

  • Lifetime Health Care Planning Roadmap: A Guide to Planning at Every Phase of Health
    • A trusted source of curated information based on MA law, which includes free downloadable tools and links to useful resources.
  • Consumer Health Equity Advisory Group
    • Elevating the consumer voice to help set the agenda for meaningful change.  Everyone is welcome!
  • Ensuring Protections & Improving Care for Seriously Ill Adults

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