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Make a personal plan for care that honors your choices.

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a consumer focused non-profit organization supporting the right of every adult to direct their health care choices. We inform & empower adults, 18 years old and older, to make a health care plan to receive the best possible care that honors their choices, all through their lives.

Everyone's on a Health Care Journey.
Every Journey Needs a Plan!

Graphic shows different phases of health: Wellness, Chronic Illness and Serious Advancing Illness

We are all on a health care journey to get the best possible care

Every competent adult can make a health care plan and direct their care choices, starting at 18 years old and continuing all through your life. Your plan is your personal road map which tells your family and doctors what's important to you and the kind of care you want. Honoring Choices provides do-it-yourself tools to help you and your loved ones make a plan for the best possible care today and everyday.  Our Community Partners can help adults start a planning discussion and get connected to care in your community.

Where are you on your  journey?

Take a look at the full Health Care Planning Road Map

Get Started: Make a Plan & Connect to Care

Honoring Choices provides up-to-date planning information, Massachusetts documents, and discussion guides to start to make your health care plan. Consumers and care providers use the same tools for effective planning discussions and quality person-directed care.

Make a Plan

Make your own plan with the do-it-yourself planning guide & tool kits.

  •  3-Step Planning Guide
  •  Getting Started Tool Kit
  •  Next Steps Tool Kit

Connect to Care

Put your plan into action to align care to your goals, values & choices.