5 Things to Talk About

Conversation Guide Series for Consumers and Care Providers

Handy guides to have effective planning conversations from simple to serious illness.

Graphic shows different phases of health: Wellness, Chronic Illness and Serious Advancing Illness

The "5 Things to Talk About" series offers both consumers and care providers an easy place to start to have a simple care planning conversation to stay well, and build on your conversations to manage health needs and chronic illness, and live well with serious illness.

The Consumer Conversation Guides 1-4 mirror the same topics and sample questions in  Care Provider Conversation Guides 1-4 for more effective conversations.  Each handy one-page guide has 5 topics to explore with suggested sample questions. The 5 topics stay the same over the conversation guide series, while the sample questions deepen to reflect on changing health needs and care preferences.   

To Get Started:

  • Select either the Consumer or Care Provider Conversation Guides below;
  • Begin with Guide 1: Start a Simple Conversation to Stay Well, or anywhere that's right for you.

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