Honoring Choices Alliance Partners

Offer care providers & staff with proven programs & tools

Honoring Choices works closely with membership organizations, state agencies, health care systems and insurers, and faith based organizations on a shared mission: to offer their care providers and staff a structured approach to health care planning with a common, unified language and set of Massachusetts planning tools. As Alliance Partners, they distribute the Honoring Choices proven programs to thousands of care providers and staff within their organizations. The care providers actively engage adults and families in health care planning discussions and connect adults to care in their local communities.

Every Alliance Partner is different, but here's what they do together:


Provide tools & training to multi-disciplinary care providers

Alliance Partners distribute the proven programs and offer training to all care providers & staff in their organizations.


Care providers help adults start a discussion & connect to care

Care providers engage adults in planning discussions and provide or refer to local care & services.

Alliance Partners participated in panel

We collaborate on joint initiatives which benefit all adults & families

Alliance Partners share their expertise to collaborate on joint initiatives to benefit all consumers & care providers.

Information & Tools for Alliance Partners & Members