Connect: Put Your Plan into Action

Woman doctor listening to patient

Talk with your doctors & care providers to align the best possible care to your goals, values and choices. You can start a discussion with these simple questions or use the "5 Things to Talk About" discussion guides below.

  • "Here's how I'm feeling today"... to promote your everyday health
  • "What's ahead for me?"...  to plan for future care, and
  • "Here are my goals for care — how can we get there?"...  to match the best possible care to your choices.


"5 Things To Talk About ..." Conversation Guide Series

Handy guides to have effective consumer-clincian planning conversations.

Graphic shows different phases of health: Wellness, Chronic Illness and Serious Advancing Illness

The "5 Things to Know" series offers both the consumer and care provider a common place to start a goals of care planning discussion, and continue to engage in effective discussions at every phase of health.  The handy discussion guides are built on an adult's top legal and patient rights to direct their care decisions and receive the best possible care today and over their lifetime. The Consumer Guides and Care Provider Guides mirror each other — they have the same topics and sample questions.

 Anyone can start a planning conversation. The handy guides make it easy.

To Get Started:

  • Select Consumer Conversation Guides OR  Care Provider Conversation Guides below;
  • Choose Guide 1: Start a Simple Conversation to Stay Well

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