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Talk with your doctors & care providers to align the best possible care to your goals, values and choices. You can start a discussion with these simple questions or use the "5 Things to Talk About" discussion guides below.

  • "Here's how I'm feeling today"... to promote your everyday health
  • "What's ahead for me?"...  to plan for future care, and
  • "Here are my goals for care — how can we get there?"...  to match the best possible care to your choices.


"5 Things To Talk About ..." Discussion Guides

Consumers & Care Providers can have high-quality effective discussions

Graphic shows different phases of health: Wellness, Chronic Illness and Serious Advancing Illness

5  Things to Talk About  is a series of handy health care planning discussion guides. Consumers and care providers can use these guides to start a discussion, and build on their discussions at every phase of health. Using the guides can make consumer-care providers discussions more effective and meaningful, and a routine part of every care provider visit.

Here's how it works:

  • Either a Consumer (adult, family member, agent, guardian) or a Doctor or Care Provider can start a planning discussion
  • The Consumer Guides and the Care Provider Guides mirror each other — they have the same topics and questions
  • The same topics and questions appear in all 4 guides to make it easy to pick up and build on your discussions
  • The guides are based on an adult's "5 Top Rights" for care planning
  • To start a discussion — Select a guide. Choose one question that's important to you from the discussion guide
  • Then build on your discussions — ask a few more questions — and make a plan of your care goals, values and care choices
  • Record your care goals in the medical record to review at your next visit

To Get Started: Download the Everyday Care Guide or any guide you like.

For Consumers: "5 Things To Talk About With Care Providers"

For Care Providers: "5 Things To Talk About with Patients & Clients"

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