MOLST Challenge Timeline

Honoring Choices Partners and Friends, state agencies, health systems, community organizations, and consumers are all working to strengthen the MOLST process and provide the best possible person-directed care for an adult on a serious illness journey. We welcome knowing about your work, studies and tools. If you'd like to contribute, please email Ellen,

April 24, 2017 — "MOLST: Meeting the Challenge" Workshop launches in Waltham.

MOLST Workshop Panelists posed photoOver 100 multi-disciplined care providers and professionals came together for the firs-ever unique forum to hear a dynamic panel discussion and lend their expertise to crafting a more responsive and aligned MOLST process. Here's a few major outcomes:

• Social workers, care managers, nurses and clergy play a vital role; expand and credit their MOLST /serious illness discussions

• Secretary Alice Bonner clarifies the MOLST “Do Not Transfer” choice for Assisted Living Residences

• Mark J. Miller, Director Office of Emergency Medical Services, announced new Mobile Integration Program to work more closely in the community

• Attorney Kim La Due shared the Guardian's role and the court procedures regarding signing a MOLST form.

Read the full Outcomes Report here.

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May 9, 2017— Taking Steps to Join the National POLST Paradigm

National POLST Paradigm logoThe Massachusetts Department of Public Health, who oversees the MOLST process, is taking steps to join the national patient-directed serious illness initiative. The National POLST Paradigm was established in 2004 to establish national quality standards for POLST / MOLST Paradigm Programs, and to assist states in developing their programs. They have a extensive website of evidence based research, webinars, tool kits and more. Joining National POLST will offer Massachusetts a well-established, evidence based model to consider for crafting our state program.  Secretary Alice Bonner, MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs announced the news at the May 9 MA Coalition for Serious Illness Care's Annual Meeting.

Read more about National POLST Paradigm

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June 1, 2017 — Cape Cod Hospital hosts "MOLST: Meeting the Challenge Workshop"

MOLST meeting panel members speakingOur second in the series of MOLST Workshops took place at Cape Cod Hospital with a diverse group of care providers from its 62 Member Task Force to discuss both statewide and regional challenges. The panel members and care providers focused on the unique challenge of crafting a coordinated regional response Cape-wide for assisting a large year-round elder population and seasonal residents who may not have their medical documents in-hand. Each task force member represents a local care setting on the Cape. Together they are a dynamic movement for crafting sustainable change for a responsive MOLST process in their region. "Outcomes Report" to follow.

June 3 - Honoring Choices introduces Palliative Care Discussion Guides

Image of Who's Your Agent Program Palliative Care Discussion GuideDoctors and care providers consistently agree starting a "MOLST discussion" with a patient at first diagnosis is a "best practice."  The discussion allows patients to: 1. Understand their prognosis and treatment options to create goals of care; 2. make choices about life-sustaining treatments; and 3. explore palliative care to manage the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness. Honoring Choices is pleased to offer our new Palliative Care webpage with two free, downloadable discussion guides:

 • "5 Things To Talk About With Your Care Providers"; a handy guide for consumers; and

"5 Things To Talk About With Your Patients & Clients"; a handy  guide for providers.

Read More about Palliative Care  Discussion Guides here.

June 8 - Working with the Court: Guardians Authority to Sign a MOLST Form

Massachusetts Court System logOn June 8, Honoring Choices was invited to provide a update on MOLST to the Guardianship Committee of the Probate and Family Court. Ellen M. DiPaola, Esq., President & CEO, provided a status report to the Guardianship Committee's Judges and Assistant Judicial Case Managers who oversee guardianship petitions and a guardian's request for permission to sign a MOLST form.  The court is considered "a major stakeholder" in helping to safeguard and improve the serious illness journey for an incapacitated person, and to support a Guardian's role/responsibility to protect the rights of an incapacitated person and provide for essential care. We had a thoughtful discussion regarding the opportunity to improve the MOLST form, and align court protocols and procedures with fellow medical and community care stakeholders. The Honoring Choices Work Group will explore the Committee's suggestions and report back for further discussion.

September 19, 2017 - Holyoke. MOLST: Meeting the Challenge Workshop

Western MA Transitions in Care Cross Continuum logoCare providers in the Holyoke, Springfield and Western Massachusetts regions attended the  MOLST: Meeting the Challenge Workshop at the Baystate Health Education Center, 361 Whitney Avenue, Holyoke. The third in our series of MOLST Workshops was generously hosted by Honoring Choices Alliance Partner, Western MA Transitions in Care Cross Continuum, sponsored by Baystate Health.


October 18, 2017 - Worcester. MOLST: Meeting the Challenge Workshop

All care providers in the Worcester and Central Massachusetts region came together to exchange ideas with this dynamic panel (pictured here), for a MOLST: Meeting the Challenge Workshop  at the First Unitarian Church of Worcester. This is the fourth in our series of MOLST Workshops.

October 25, 2017 - Dartmouth. MOLST: Meeting the Challenge Workshop

Over 65  interdisciplinary care providers from  the Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fall River and  and South Shore region attended the MOLST: Meeting the Challenge Workshop at the Hawthorne Medical Center, Dartmouth. This is the fifth in the series of MOLST Workshops.

January 1, 2018 New Study: "Engaging Key Stakeholders To Improve the MOLST Process."

Over 450 interdisciplinary care providers gathered in 9 Honoring Choices MOLST Workshops across the Commonwealth from April through December 2017, to discuss MOLST best practices and implementation challenges. Data from the 358 comprehensive surveys from the attendees is now being analyzed to discover common themes and solutions to improve the delivery of serious illness care and MOLST. The study is led by Susan DeSanto-Madeya, PhD, RN, Associate Clinical Professor, Boston College, Wm. F. Connell School of Nursing. The results will be available by May 2018. Download tools and webinars from the MOLST workshops.

February, 2018 "EMS & MOLST: 5 Things You Can Do Ahead of an Emergency"

The 5 MA Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Regional Directors worked closely with Honoring Choices Partners & friends to create 5 important things we can all do to help ensure a medical order is valid, visible and can be honored in a medical emergency.

Many thanks to Mark J. Miller, Director, OEMS, and the 5 Regional EMS Directors who spoke with hundreds of care providers across the Commonwealth to create this simple guide for high quality, smoother care transitions.

Read more and download the free guide here.