Palliative Care

Any person, any age can be on a serious illness journey

Palliative Care can help relieve the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness

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Palliative Care is specialized medical care for individuals diagnosed with serious illness. It improves a person's quality of life and offers an extra layer of support to patients and families. Palliative Care can be provided at first diagnosis, at the same time as curative treatments, and at every phase of serious illness.

What is Palliatve Care?

Here are commonly asked questions & answers. Download the  "What is Palliative Care?" fact sheet here.

Start a Palliative Care Discussion

Start a discussion using these handy discussion guides.

middle aged white woman with gray hairConsumers and care providers can explore palliative care, starting at first diagnosis of a serious illness and at every phase of illness.  The discussion guides provide key questions to start early and effective discussions.

For Adults, Families & Caregivers

"Palliative Care: 5 Things to Talk About With Your Care Providers" Discussion Guide

You, your family members and caregivers can start a discussion with your doctors, nurses or health care providers about palliative care. Here's a handy discussion guide you can bring to your next care provider visit. The guide is based on a person's right to have adequate information about your illness and treatment options to make informed choices, to direct your care goals and make a care plan, and ensure your care providers know and honor your values and choices. You can ask one question or a few questions — whatever is right for you. The guide can be used all through your serious illness journey.  Download and read "Palliative Care: 5 Things To Talk About With Your Care Providers"



For Clinicians & Care Providers

"Palliative Care: 5 Things to Talk About With Your Patients & Clients" Discussion Guide

Clinicians, nurses, social workers, care managers and other care providers can start a palliative care discussion with their patients and clients. This is the same discussion guide we offer to consumers with the questions mirrored from the care providers perspective. You can ask one question or several to open up a discussion. Offer the guide to you patients and clients to have effective discussions all through an individual's serious illness journey.  Click here "Palliative Care: 5 Things To Talk About With Your Patients & Clients"

The Fact Sheet & Discussion Guide Work Together

The  downloadable "What is Palliative Care?' fact sheet and  "5 Things To Talk About..." Discussion Guides work hand-in-hand to provide basic information and a list of key questions to start a palliative care discussion. Consumers and Care Providers can print and use at the next visit.

Download the Fact Sheet PDF for Consumers

Download the Fact Sheet PDF for Care Providers