Getting Started Video Tool KitThe Getting Started Tool Kit has become a Massachusetts favorite to complete your Health Care Proxy, a Personal Directive (Living Will) and start a planning discussion with your family and care providers. Now you can listen & watch short videos to make your own health care plan.

The Getting Started Tool Kit video series, like the tool kit,  is as easy as 1-2-3. You can do one step at a time, or complete all three steps. We recommend you start with the “Overview” to lay out a roadmap for you, a loved one or a friend. Then go to Step 1 and follow the video series, or start with any video that’s right for you. You can download a free tool kit and follow along with the videos to complete your planning documents and put your plan into action!

The consumer-friendly video series includes:

• Overview- A quick road map for making your plan

Step 1: Choosing a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy. It have 2 videos:
• How to choose a Health Care Agent; and
• How to Fill out a MA Health Care Proxy.

• Not sure who to choose as your Agent? No Agent. No Problem! Just start here.

Step 2:
• How to talk with family about your care choices and fill out a MA Personal Directive.

Step 3:
• How to talk with care providers to match care to your values goals & choices.

View the Video Series Here