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Can you upload your Health Care Proxy to your Patient Portal?

Your Health Care Proxy (HCP) is a vital planning document. It tells your health care provider the name of your Health Care Agent, the person you appointed with the legal power to make health care decisions on your behalf, if you are unable to make decisions yourself.

The Patient Portal is an on-line service which gives patients 24/7 access to view their medical information and communicate with their health care provider. It can be accessed through your desktop, tablet and mobile app.

What Can Your Portal do? We wondered, if you could, would you want to:

  • Upload your Health Care Proxy and other planning documents to view, update, store and share with others?
  • Have your uploaded documents automatically become part of your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to be accessible to all your treating physicians?

Take the 1 Minute Survey. Tell us your ideas to enhance patient empowerment of their health care decisions and communicate with their care providers to deliver high quality, person-directed care. We’ll post your comments below.

Take the Portal Challenge

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The Portal Challenge

As many good ideas do, it began, with a simple question: “Can I upload my Health Care Proxy to my Patient Portal?” asked  Annette Roberts, Director of Quality & Patent Safety, Milford Regional Medical (pictured here). The answer, surprisingly, turned out to be quite intriguing ... READ MORE

Your Comments & Ideas

We welcome your ideas — What can your portal do?  What would you like it to do? Here are the comments from the survey above. Email additional information to Ellen, edipaola@honoringchoicesmass.com

Great Idea! Add a "Care Planning Document" tab

My Partners Patient Gateway portal has  "test results" and "make appointments" tabs and more. Why not add a "Care Planning Documents" tab so I can upload and see ALL my vital planning documents.

I'm my 87 y.o. mother's Health Care Agent

Mom's patient portal (Harvard-Vanguard) already let's her share her test results and records with me. Be great to store & share her Health Care Proxy and MOLST too.

It's a WIN-WIN!

It's a great tool if we can make it a 2-way partnership, where my patient's decisions are just as important as test results.

So I can pay my bill ... but can't see my Health Care Proxy?

If we have the technology to pay the bill and make appointments, it should be easy to make a place to upload & view my Health Care Proxy.

"Do you have a Health Care Agent?" YES!!

"YES- The name & phone number of my Agent is in my Health Care Proxy IN MY PATIENT PORTAL & EMR!"  I'd love to say that at my doctor visits!

A wonderful opportunity to manage access to my Health Care Proxy

Patients could give access to providers, family members, friends. etc.

 EMS should have access to these documents

... in the field via computer or phone.

 Love the idea of a "Patient Choices" Tab

... where my planning documents are readily available.


It would make it so much easier if a copy could be stored by my health care provider in my portal.

 Doctor's Notes too.

I would like to see my doctors notes included in the portal.

 Make the Electronic Medical Record available to authorized parties

I would like the EMR available to my Health Care Agent, in addition to my care team.

At a recent PCP appt, I hoped for the best

I gave a hard copy of my Health Care Proxy to my doctor and hoped for the best- that  it  got scanned & saved in the appropriate place in order to be useful in an emergency!