Translated MA Planning Documents


Print a Health Care Proxy in 9 Languages

We have translated the Honoring Choices MA Health Care Proxy Instructions & Document into 9 languages. Click on a language below to view and print your packet of translated & English documents.

Instructions: Each translated packet contains a translated Instructions page, a translated Health Care Proxy document, and a Health Care Proxy form in English. The Instructions page will direct adults to fill out the translated Health Care Proxy first, and then if possible, to fill out the Health Care Proxy form in English with the same information and the same date. Having a Health Care Proxy in English will help English-only speaking doctors understand and honor your choices.

Español – Spanish

Português – Portuguese

Tiếng Việt – Vietnamese

Kreyòl Ayisyen – Haitian Creole

Русский – Russian

繁體中文 – Traditional Chinese

عربي – Arabic

ភាសាខ្មែរ – Khmer

Shqip - Albanian