NEW Ambassador Program: Powerful peer-to-peer discussions to improve healthy living

Photo of Health Care Ambassadors

Together with our Community Partners, we are delighted to start our 4th year by launching the new Honoring Choices MA Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Program taps into the power of community volunteers to offer peer-to-peer health care planning information to adults & families anywhere they live, work and gather. Ambassadors are volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life, who inform and empower adults in their community to make a personal health care plan within their own language, cultural and ability.  Ambassadors provide up-to-date health care planning information and tools, and act as a bridge to help  adults & families connect to needed care and services in their community to improve health living.

Ambassadors start a dialogue with their fellow consumers to learn about the actual challenges and barriers adults face every day in getting good care. Ambassadors offer that vital consumer feedback to the 6 regional Community Partners networks. Working together, we can begin to effectively address the common barriers, including those of age, ability, race, culture, gender, and economics, and open up new pathways to promote healthy living and person-directed care in communities across the Commonwealth.

The Community Partners are hosting Ambassador Programs to extend and strengthen their reach into their community. The sponsoring Community Partners invite interested volunteers who receive training in the Honoring Choices MA Who’s Your Agent? ® proven programs.

We are especially excited to be working with Tufts Health Plan Foundation to empower adults 50 and older to elevate their expertise and voice as Ambassadors.  Their generous grant will help the Honoring Choices Partners reach to multi-lingual and multi-cultural groups to help every adult in Massachusetts access health care planning information and improve healthy living.

Any group can host an Ambassador Program to start powerful peer-to-peer health care planning discussions in your community. We’ll provide the tools, training, and on-going support. Read about the full program and contact Ellen DiPaola, President,

Read more about the full Ambassador Program .