Fallon Health “Pays it Forward” to Sponsor a Translated Document

Fallon Heath, an Honoring Choices Community Partner, has awarded Honoring Choices a generous contribution from their “Pay It Forward” Program. The funds will directly support our newly launched “Everyone, Everyday”campaign, to ensure all adults 18 years old and older, can access health care planning information within their own language, culture and ability.

Fallon Health is taking the lead to be the first organization to “Sponsor a Document”.  Part of their gift goes towards translating the Honoring Choices Personal Directive Instructions & Document in Spanish.  Their gift will not only empower adults in the Worcester community by all throughout Massachusetts to write down what’s important to them and let their families and providers know the kind of care they want. The Personal Directive Instructions & Document (Spanish version) goes hand-in-hand with the Health Care Proxy ( Spanish version). Both documents can be easily downloaded for free from our new “My Voice, My Choice” web page.  The Personal Directive is currently being translated into Spanish by fellow Community Partner, Center for Health Impact and will be available very shortly.

In addition to translated documents, the  “My Voice, My Choice” web page hosts multilingual, multicultural videos in which Massachusetts adults share a personal story on the importance of choosing a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy, and giving their Agent instructions for care in a Personal Directive.

View the translated documents and video here.

What to Sponsor a Document? Anyone person, community, faith or health care group can  “Sponsor a Document” of your choosing to support adults in your community. Just go to the “My Voice, My Choices” page, choose a document or suggest one for translation. You make the contribute and we’ll take it from there is get the document translated and posted for use within 2 weeks. What a wonderful gift to your community!