Cake Partners with Honoring Choices

We are delighted to partner with Cake ( to bring online health care planning and end-of-life care planning to the Honoring Choices’ Partner network. Cake makes it easy to create your Honoring Choices Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive  documents and end of life care preferences on-line, then store and share with loved ones and other key people. You can create a free private Cake account that you can access from anywhere to get your documents and view your preferences when you need them.

“Cake has already helped thousands of individuals and organizations make planning progress in not just the healthcare category, but also in legacy, legal/financial, and funeral considerations” say Suelin Chen, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO.

As an Honoring Choices Alliance Partner, Cake will grant users access to all tools and resources in the Cake application. In addition, they will enable valuable Honoring Choices resources such as the Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive to be completed, stored and shared securely in the Cake cloud, making it possible for this important information to be easily updated, accessed, and retrieved whenever it is needed. If you have already created your planning documents, in English or any language, you can upload your documents to your private Cake account to be securely stored, shared and updated.

Cake has created a portal just for the Honoring Choices network. Consumers and care providers can access the Honoring Choices – Cake joint portal here:

Through this portal, you can:

  • Sign up for a FREE Cake account to start planning; it’s fast and simple to do
  • Access the Honoring Choices Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive so that you can fill them in online, securely store and share them, and easily update them from anywhere
  • Upload any executed documents you already have to securely store and share
  • Access the Cake cards to reflect on your values and choices and create your own profile of end-of-life choices and preferences to store and share
  • Explore Cake’s informative resources

 If you have questions you can contact:

You can view all the Options to Create, Share,Update & Store Documents on our website.