Next Steps Tool Kit

Next Steps Tool Kit

Promoting everyday wellness. Managing Health Needs and Chronic Illness. Living with serious advancing illness.

Now that you have started to make your personal plan with a Health Care Proxy and Personal Directive in the Getting Started Tool Kit, you can build on your planning discussions with your Agent, family and care providers, and add documents to your personal plan. The Next Steps Tool Kit helps you to direct your care choices at every phase of health- when you are Promoting Everyday Wellness, Managing Health & Chronic Illness, and Living with Serious Advancing Illness.


The Next Steps Tool Kit includes:


Promoting Everyday Wellness. Stay healthy and receive proactive, preventative care.

5 Things to Talk About with your Care Providers– Start a discussion with your care providers about your care goals


Managing Health & Chronic Illness. Improve wellness  & receive goal-centered care.

5 Things to Talk About  With Your Care Providers: Chronic Illness Discussion Guide

Things to Know about a Durable Power of Attorney-Learn about Mass law to choose a person to manage your financial affairs.


Living with Serious, Advancing Illness. Enhance quality of life and honor care choices.

5 Things to Talk About With Your Care Provider: Serious Illness Discussion Guide

Things to Know about MOLST Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment and a CC/DNR Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate Order– Planning documents to choose life-sustaining treatment care if you are frail or serious ill.

• Things To Know About Palliative Care

• Things To Know About Hospice Care


Download and print the entire kit.

Next Steps Tool Kit: Download and Print