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This is our platform to raise issues, to examine information, to share a thought, and to offer resources through the community network that is our shared vision for a person-centered quality health care in Massachusetts.

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Fallon Health partners with Honoring Choices Massachusetts

We are so pleased to partner with Fallon Health to support their mission to actively engage their members in health care planning discussions. Fallon Health is a leading health care services organization that supports the diverse and changing needs of their members. In addition to offering innovative health insurance solutions and a variety of Medicaid and Medicare products, they also offer unique health care programs and services that provide coordinated, integrated care for seniors and individuals with complex health needs. Honoring Choices is working closely with over 60 Fallon Health care managers and staff to enhance their health care planning knowledge and communication skills. The care managers help their members to identify health needs and services, and work with local community based groups and home services to keep their members receiving the highest level of care.

Honoring Choices and Tufts Health Plan Foundation on a Shared Mission

We are delighted to take the next step in our collaborative mission with a generous grant from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation to launch the Honoring Choices Massachusetts Who’s Your Agent?® Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program invites community volunteers to engage adults in peer-to-peer health care planning discussions within their own language, culture, religion and ability. Ambassadors receive training in the Honoring Choices Who’s Your Agent? Program to bring health care planning discussions to adults and families in their community where they live, work and gather. Our goal is to promote thoughtful discussions and access to lifelong wellness that transcends the barriers of age, language, cultural, race, religion, income, and one's ability to make and communicate decisions.

“Palliative Care: 5 Things to Talk About with Your Care Providers”

Eight months ago Honoring Choices launched the Palliative Care Project with one simple goal: to create consumer-friendly information and tools that empower consumers and care providers to have effective discussions about palliative care. Building on the success of the Honoring Choices “5 Things to Talk About with Your Care Providers” discussion guides, the Northeast Palliative Care Regional Group of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Network (MCCPCN) worked diligently with Honoring Choices to create a palliative care discussion guide to help consumers manage the pain, symptoms and stress of living with a serious advancing illness. The new Palliative Care discussion guide is designed for both the consumer and the care provider. Either can initiate a discussion to explore the benefits of adding palliative care at first diagnosis and all through the serious illness journey.

100 Multi-disciplined Care Providers Launch “MOLST: Meeting the Challenge”

We are off to a great start in our year-long initiative to generate an open dialogue with care providers and consumers regarding MOLST (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) and the serious illness journey. Over 100 multi-disciplined care providers came together on April 24 in our first-ever MOLST Workshop, co-hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society. Our goal is to help craft a MOLST process that is responsive to an adult's changing needs and choices all through their serious illness journey.

Healthcare Decisions Month:Partners & Friends Host Over 55 Events!

What an amazing celebration of Health Care Decisions Month! The Honoring Choices Partners & Friends hosted over 55 informative and fun health care planning events in April to help adults make a personal health care plan and get connected to quality care in their community. In our 4th Annual Health Care Decisions Celebration, Honoring Choices was again thrilled to support our Partners with free downloadable “Getting Started Tool Kits", flyers, table posters and informative fact sheets. The Partners hosted creative and diverse local events to educate their employees, engage adults in planning discussions and complete a Health Care Proxy.

MHA’s Launches “Heathcare Planning throughout Your Life”

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA), an Honoring Choices Alliance Partner, is celebrating Health Care Decisions Month with an innovative statewide campaign that has inspired local businesses to join in the celebration. MHA recently announced "Healthcare Planning throughout Your Life", a collaborative initiative to encourage MHA employees and all employees of MHA member hospitals to make a health care plan starting with a Health Care Proxy. MHA is kicking off their initiative with the “Take the First Step” campaign, providing the Honoring Choices "Getting Started Tool Kit" and comprehensive health care planning information for consumers and care providers on their Patient Care Link.

April is Health Care Decisions Month. Come Celebrate!

Come celebrate the 10th Anniversary of National Health Care Decisions Day. Every competent adult, 18 and older, can download a free “Getting Started Tool Kit” to make your own health care plan. The Honoring Choices Community Partners across the Commonwealth will be hosting activities and events all month to help consumers make a plan and get connected to person-centered care in their community.


Honoring Choices is thrilled to be teaming up with the Massachusetts Medical Society to co-host a first-of-its-kind seminar. "MOLST: Meeting the Challenge" will open up a dialogue with care providers from across health care and community settings to work together to improve the quality of care and consistently honor every adult's end of life care choices. Physicians, nurses, community professionals, EMS personnel, social workers, faith and cultural leaders- anyone who engages adults in discussions about CPR and life-sustaining treatments, and/or provides end of life care to honor an individual’s choices is welcome to attend.


Our goal is simple: Create consumer friendly tools that empower adults and families to start a palliative care discussion with their care providers to help manage the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness. The task however is formidable as Palliative Care programs in Massachusetts, whether centered in primary care, community groups, in-patient hospital programs or other facilities, can have wide-ranging protocols for how they define and talk about palliative care, who is appropriate for care, the types of services offered, and how to pay for care.

Make a Greater Difference

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