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MHA’s Launches “Heathcare Planning throughout Your Life”

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA), an Honoring Choices Alliance Partner, is celebrating Health Care Decisions Month with an innovative statewide campaign that has inspired local businesses to join in the celebration. MHA recently announced "Healthcare Planning throughout Your Life", a collaborative initiative to encourage MHA employees and all employees of MHA member hospitals to make a health care plan starting with a Health Care Proxy. MHA is kicking off their initiative with the “Take the First Step” campaign, providing the Honoring Choices "Getting Started Tool Kit" and comprehensive health care planning information for consumers and care providers on their Patient Care Link.

April is Health Care Decisions Month. Come Celebrate!

Come celebrate the 10th Anniversary of National Health Care Decisions Day. Every competent adult, 18 and older, can download a free “Getting Started Tool Kit” to make your own health care plan. The Honoring Choices Community Partners across the Commonwealth will be hosting activities and events all month to help consumers make a plan and get connected to person-centered care in their community.


Honoring Choices is thrilled to be teaming up with the Massachusetts Medical Society to co-host a first-of-its-kind seminar. "MOLST: Meeting the Challenge" will open up a dialogue with care providers from across health care and community settings to work together to improve the quality of care and consistently honor every adult's end of life care choices. Physicians, nurses, community professionals, EMS personnel, social workers, faith and cultural leaders- anyone who engages adults in discussions about CPR and life-sustaining treatments, and/or provides end of life care to honor an individual’s choices is welcome to attend.


Our goal is simple: Create consumer friendly tools that empower adults and families to start a palliative care discussion with their care providers to help manage the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness. The task however is formidable as Palliative Care programs in Massachusetts, whether centered in primary care, community groups, in-patient hospital programs or other facilities, can have wide-ranging protocols for how they define and talk about palliative care, who is appropriate for care, the types of services offered, and how to pay for care.

Make a Greater Difference

In this end of the year season of gratitude and giving, we ask all consumers, care providers, businesses and community groups to take a minute and consider making a contribution to Honoring Choices Massachusetts. Every donation goes a long way to help us provide free health care planning information and tools to Massachusetts adults & families. Your contribution also helps us support our growing network of Partners to actively engage adults in planning discussions and get them connected to person-centered care. Help us Make a Greater Difference in the lives of every Massachusetts adult & family, Just takes 1 minute. DONATE TODAY!

Welcome American Nurses Association & 120,000 Nurses!

We wholeheartedly welcome all 120,000 members of the American Nurses Association-Massachusetts (ANA-MA) to the Honoring Choices Alliance Partner network! Whether working in primary care, home care, in hospitals or hospices, or the many other practice areas, nurses have consistently reported the Honoring Choices programs help them feel “more confident and competent” in interacting with patients and delivering person-centered care.

Everyone is Invited: Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Initiative

The Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Initiative (DFMI), an Honoring Choices Alliance Partner, invites everyone to join in creating safe, informed and respectful dementia friendly communities and enable people living with dementia to live full, engaged and vibrant lives.

12-Stop Workshop Tour: The Reviews Are In!

In September, we embarked on an ambitious Fall Tour to bring the “Who’s Your Agent? Workshop for Care Providers” to hundreds of care professionals across the Commonwealth. We traveled from Western Mass to Cape Cod to provide the Who’s Your Agent? Program and Tool Kits to community professionals, clergy and lay leaders, and health care providers from “Primary Care to Hospice Care”. Our goal was to arm all care professionals with a common, unified health care planning language and set of Massachusetts planning tools to actively engage adults in health care planning discussions at every phase of health.

Health Care Planning Facilitator Course

Where: November 16, 8-Noon, Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, Somerville, MA
For: Community Partners and Alliance Partner Member Organizations
Come Join Us for a highly interactive course to deepen your health care planning knowledge and sharpen your communication skills to engage adults in effective health care planning discussions. A Facilitator becomes the 'in-house expert' to arm staff & colleagues with proven programs and planning tools, and to host community-wide presentations.

20,000 Adults Engaged in Health Care Planning Discussions!

In just three years, Honoring Choices Community Partners have started over 20,000 health care planning discussions with adults and families across the Commonwealth. Every day, the Honoring Choices Community Partners- nurses, social workers, community professionals, lay leaders and health care providers- actively engage adults & families in meaningful care planning discussions to make a health care plan and connect adults to person-centered care in their community.