New: Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship

Guardianship is a legal process for adults who have a clinically diagnosed medical condition and are unable to make or communicate effective decisions about their everyday self-care, health, and safety. The Massachusetts court can appoint a Guardian to make some or all health care and personal decisions on the adult’s behalf, and ensure they get timely supports care and services.

Guardianship of a person is an important protective intervention, but it also can be the most restrictive of a person's independence and ability to make personal and health care choices. Before pursuing a guardianship or at ANYTIME during a guardianship, its essential to assess the adult's decision making ability and consider alternative supports and interventions.

Working with the Honoring Choices Partners & Friends we created the new Guardianship webpage.  Our visionary and collaborative goal is to offer a reliable, accurate shared knowledge base to ensure an individual’s decision-making ability is honored, and adults receive appropriate interventions and timely equitable care across all care settings.

The Guardianship and Alternatives webpage includes: 
• 5 Question Checklist: First Consider Decision-Making and Alternatives
• The Guardianship Process: 8 Things to Know
• Resources for All: Downloadable free tools and links to important resources such as:

  • Health care planning tools
  • Holistic assessments,
  • Support for Guardians
  •  Probate & Family Court information.

We are just getting started. Much more information and educational materials to come! We welcome your feedback in the comment box on the Guardianship webpage.