Welcome Boston Medical Center’s Health Equity Accelerator as an Honoring Choices Alliance Partner!

We are excited to partner with Boston Medical Center’s Health Equity Accelerator to support their work in driving the future of health equity.

Health equity is a complex and entrenched issue with a well-documented race-based gap when it comes to health outcomes. The Heath Equity Accelerator at Boston Medical Center, led by co-directors Thea James, MD, Vice President of Mission & Associate Chief Medical Officer, and Elena Mendez-Escobar, PhD, MBA, Executive Director of Strategy, is focused on creating holistic change to eliminate disparities in health outcomes across different races and ethnicities. They strive to acquire an acute understanding of the challenges that communities of color uniquely face in receiving equitable healthcare, address systematic and long standing systemic racism, and transform healthcare to eliminate gaps in life expectancy and quality of life.

BMC’s Accelerator has prioritized five clinical areas where there are major disparities: Pregnancy, Cancer, Infectious Diseases, Chronic Conditions, and Behavioral Health. By 2035, their goal is to “have made a demonstrable impact on racial health equity and built a model that other healthcare institutions can replicate to advance health equity across the U.S.”

As an Honoring Choices Partner, we are delighted to support the Health Accelerator’s mission and share their research and innovations with the thousands of care providers and consumers in the Honoring Choices Partners network. Together we can implement changes to close the gap on health inequalities and promote improved pathways to connect adults to timely, quality care over their lifetime.

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