About Us

Who We Are

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a consumer focused, community-based nonprofit organization which informs and empowers adults, 18 years old and older, to make a personal health care plan and connect to the best possible care that honors their values and choices all through their lives. We provide consumers and care providers with up-to-date health care planning information, easy to use tools kits and discussion guides for effective planning discussions. We partner with community groups and health care providers who deliver person-directed care at every phase of health, whether adults are promoting everyday wellness, managing health and chronic illness, and living with serious illness.

Here how it works-

Every adult, 18 years and old, or their Health Care Agent and Guardian, has the right to be fully informed about their health care to make choices for care that reflect each individual’s care goals, values, and priorities. Honoring Choices provides no-cost Massachusetts-based health care planning information, tools and discussion guides to help consumers and care providers have effective planning discussions at every phase of health.

Consumers can get started with our ‘do-it-yourself’ 3-step planning guide and free, downloadable “Who’s Your Agent?® Tool Kits” to create their own personal health care plan. They can also get help in their community.

Our Community Partners  provide one-to-one help and/or engage adults in planning discussions to create a personal plan and connect to person-centered care.  Community Partners are faith based and cultural groups, community service groups, care and legal professionals, and health care providers from primary care offices, hospitals, and hospice care- any group committed to helping adults engage in planning discussions can be part of the Partner network.

Our Alliance Partners are health care organizations or statewide membership groups that support their provider members with Massachusetts-based health care planning information, documents and discussion guides. Their support is helping to empower doctors and care providers to initiate planning discussions and match care to an adult’s values and choices.

Working Together, our Partners meet quarterly in 6 Regional Networking Groups.  Partners share expertise and resources to help adults in their community access proactive, quality care to promote everyday wellness, and build-in safer, sustainable care transitions for adults with chronic and  serious advancing illness. The Honoring Choices Partner Regional Networking Groups are established on the North Shore, the South Shore, Cape Cod, Metrowest and Greater Boston, Worcester & Central MA, and Holyoke & Western MA.

Our collaborative mission is to ensure that every Massachusetts adult, including our most vulnerable citizens, have access to early and on-going health care planning and receives person-centered care that honors their values and choices all through their life.

The Honoring Choices Model

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is an independent, non-profit Massachusetts incorporated organization.  We provide health care information, Massachusetts planning documents and tools,  and original programs that flow from Massachusetts law.  Our  Who’s Your Agent?® program is the first public health education and engagement initiative to help adults open the door to lifelong health care planning discussions in Massachusetts. It is widely and successfully used by our Community and Alliance Partners. We have licensed our name from Honoring Choices Minnesota, integrating their collaborative, community-based model into our consumer focused initiative. We utilize the Respecting Choices® evidence based methodology within our Massachusetts educational platform.  Respecting Choices®  systematic approach is considered the gold standard in advance care planning programs.

Our Funding

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a 501(c)(3)  incorporated non-profit organization privately funded through grants and donations.  We welcome Corporate Champions  and Foundations to support our unique consumer-focused, highly collaborative movement. Your support will open new pathways for all Massachusetts residents to access person-centered care, and directly support our Partners in providing hands-on help to adults and their families across the Commonwealth. To learn more, contact Ellen DiPaola, President, 781 642-0454.