Who's Your Agent?®Quick Start

Quick Start: Take Control and Make a Plan!

Who's Your Agent? Quick Start makes it quick, free and easy to take control of your health care decisions and start to make your own health care plan. Every adult can write down their care preferences and choices, whether or not they can appoint a Health Care Agent. Share your completed document with your health care providers to get the best possible care right now and over your lifetime.  Just follow the steps below.

Quick Start Your Plan. Easy as 1-2-3! 

1. Appoint a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy.

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  • Start your plan by filling out a Health Care Proxy, (13 languages). Download and print here.
    • Choose a trusted person to be your Health Care Agent or Agent, if possible.
    • Appoint your Agent in a Health Care Proxy document.
    • Your Agent has the authority to carry out your wishes and make medical decisions on your behalf.
    • If you are unable to choose a Health Care Agent, just start your plan with Step 2.
  • If you already completed a Health Care Proxy-
    • Check your document: are the contact numbers up to date; signed by two witnesses?
    • Now, go to Step 2- fill out a Personal Directive.
  • Download  "I Have a Health Care Proxy" Wallet Card, (4 languages). Download and print here.
    • The wallet card helps medical staff contact your Health Care Agent in case of emergency

2. Tell others what you want for care in a Personal Directive (Living Will).

Signing Personal Directive
  • If you appointed an Agent in a Health Care Proxy (Step 1),fill out the Personal Directive.
    • Give your Agent instructions about the care you want and do not want.
  • No Agent? Not everyone can appoint a Health Care Agent. That's OK.  For example: 
    • there may be no person available to appoint
    • a person may not have the capacity or ability
    • cultural norms & traditions can vary on appointing an Agent
  • Start your plan by filling out a Personal Directive. (5 Languages) Download and print here.
    •  Write down what's important to you and give instructions for your care.
    • Talk with your family/friends about what you'd like them to do if you become ill or injured.

3. Share your documents. Get good care today and over your lifetime.

  • Talking to your health care providers can be hard to do. 
  • Sharing even one completed document can help you start a conversation with your health care providers about: 
    • how you are feeling today and your goals to improve health and wellbeing;
    • what's ahead for you and information you need to plan for future care;
    • placing your completed document(s) in your medical record.
  • Download 5 Things to Talk About With Your Care Providers, a handy guide. Download and print here.

Who's Your Agent? Quick Start breaks down the 3 simple steps in our  signature Who's Your Agent?® Program's Getting Started Tool Kit. The tool kit includes the three documents above, a free downloadable  MA Health Care Proxy, MA Personal Directive (Living Will), and 5 Things to Talk About Guide. (English). The tool kit is used statewide by the Honoring Choices Partners and trained Health Care Planning Ambassadors to engage adults in planning discussions and connect adults to care in their community.

More Quick Start Tools To Add to Your Plan

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  • "I Have a Health Care Proxy" wallet card (pictured here).
    • Have a Health Care Proxy? Make your own wallet card in case of emergency.  
  • Getting Started Tool Kit includes the Quick Start 3 step process and free documents:
  • Next Step Tool Kit to build and update your plan which includes:
    • Information on additional documents: Durable Power of Attorney, Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate form, MOLST-Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment.
    • Start a conversation about your chronic illness or serious illness care.
      • Use our handy discussion guides 5 Things to Talk About: Managing Chronic Illness and Living With Serious Illness.

Quick Start for HCM Partners and Care Providers

care providers in the community

Who's Your Agent? Quick Start opens the door to a more inclusive and responsive way to help all adults start to make a plan, whether or not they are able to choose a Health Care Agent, and engage in goals of care conversations.

Quick Start is based on our structured approach to health care planning and popular Getting Started Took Kit.  We offer multi-lingual documents to increase access to planning for adults in your community. 

Completing even one document empowers adults to start a goals of care conversation with their provider which can positively impact an adult's current health outcomes. 

Let's help every adult make a plan. As a health care provider or organization you can-

  • Share Quick Start with your staff, and include in your Fall/Winter programs for and adults and families in your community;
  • Place the Quick Start links on your website, citing the Honoring Choices webpage;
  • Download the sample flyer to use as is or condense for your newsletters;
  • Become an Honoring Choices Partner!  Join the growing network of hundreds of health care and community providers. It's no cost. We can tailor the Who's Your Agent? Program to incorporate easily into your workflow.  Email Ellen DiPaola, President, edipaola@honoringchoicesmass.com