Respecting Choices logoWe are delighted to announce Honoring Choices Massachusetts has partnered with Respecting Choices and Honoring Choices Minnesota, who serves as the convener of a national network of independent Honoring Choices. It’s a unique collaboration to help every individual across the nation have better access to high quality advance care planning tools. 

Ellen DiPaola, President,Honoring Choices, has been working collaboratively with Executive Directors, Stephanie Anderson, Respecting Choices, and Kerry Hjelmgren, Honoring Choices Minnesota, and an experienced National Advisory Committee, to bring together our organization and thereby strengthen our shared missions. Now our organizations can collaborate to share programs and tools nationally, and help bring additional high quality care planning tools into our home states to help adults get the best possible care that honors their goals, values and care choices. 

Here’s the Respecting Choices and Honoring Choices Collaboration announcement:

Respecting Choices (RC) and Honoring Choices (HC) are national leaders in advance care planning. Both have unique histories that include significant collaboration and similarities as well as differences. This information is intended to enhance understanding of the relationship between these two entities, clarify any confusion, and promote collaboration.

Respecting Choices is a non-profit organization that works with conveners, health organizations, and communities to implement advance care planning (ACP) and shared decision making in serious illness (SDMSI).

Honoring Choices Minnesota is a statewide, collaborative ACP initiative of the Twin Cities Medical Society that 1) supports communities, organizations, and healthcare systems in developing ACP programming and resources, and 2) serves as the convener of a national network of independent Honoring Choices state or region-specific ACP initiatives.

A shared goal of both Respecting Choices and Honoring Choices Minnesota is to promote collaboration and align delivery of ACP in ways that best meet the needs of organizations engaging the people they serve in ACP… essentially ensuring all Americans have access to high-quality ACP. For example, a statewide Honoring Choices program may select to use Respecting Choices as well as the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) and Vital Talk if that best meets the needs of their participating organizations and the diverse populations in their communities. Essentially, Respecting Choices and Honoring Choices work together to ensure cohesive, consistent delivery of services.

Here’s the full announcement with a Comparative Chart of Respecting Choices and Honoring Choices

We would like to extend our gratitude to Ellen DiPaola, Honoring Choices Massachusetts , who lead this effort, and to the National Advisory Committee, comprised of both RC and HC members, for their significant contributions. Thank you!

Stephanie Anderson, DNP, RN
Respecting Choices, Executive Director

Kerry Hjelmgren
Honoring Choices Minnesota, Executive Director

Contact information:
Respecting Choices Matthew Isbell,;; 608-473-1025
Honoring Choices National Network Kerry Hjelmgren,;; 612-362-3704