MOLST Information and Tools

Consumers and care providers use the same information, tools and discussion guides to get started on effective health care planning and MOLST discussions.

For Doctors & All Care Providers:  All care providers can view the recorded Ariadne Labs and Honoring Choices joint webinar: "More, Better,  Conversations to Improve Serious Illness Care". See description below

Honoring Choices "Who's Your Agent?"® Program & Tool Kits

For Consumers and Care Providers

“Who’s Your Agent?  is the first public health education and engagement program to help Massachusetts adults open the door to health care planning discussions and receive person-centered care all through your life.

Consumers can get started with these do-it-yourself tool kits below. Care providers can help patients and clients to start a planning discussion using the "Getting Started Tool Kit", and build on planning discussions and choices for quality care with the "Next Steps Tool Kit". Click below to download free tool kits and 3 discussion guides for effective discussions at every phase of health.

Getting Started Tool Kit

Next Steps Tool Kit

"5 Things To Talk About ..."

This is a series of 4 handy discussion guides for consumers & care providers. The guides mirror the talking points for the consumer and care provider for a more known & routine discussion you can build on over time. The series includes: 1. Make a Plan- Goals of Care Discussion; 2. Managing Chronic Illness Discussion; 3. Living with Serious Illness Discussion; and 4. Palliative Care Discussion

To download the free guides, click here:

For Consumers: "5 Things To Talk about With Your Care Providers"

For Care Providers: "5 Things to Talk About With Your Patients & Clients"

Ariadne Labs Serious Illness Conversation Guide

For Care Providers

Ariadne Lab's "Serious Illness Conversation Guide" helps clinicians and care professionals talk with patients and their families about living with serious advancing illness. The Guide helps care professionals "elicit important information from your patients about their goals and values: setting up the conversation, assessing the patient’s illness understanding and information preferences, sharing prognosis, exploring key topics, and closing and documenting the conversation."

Read more about Serious Illness Care here.

Download the "Serious Illness Conversation Guide" here.

Webinar: Ariadne Labs & Honoring Choices MA

For Care Providers: "More, Earlier & Better Conversations to Improve Serious Illness Care"

Ariadne Labs and Honoring Choices teamed up to offer a "Health Care Planning Road Map" for early and effective conversations all through an adult's health care journey. The new road map provides discussions guides & planning tools to use at every phase health. Dr. Rachell Bernaki, Ariadne Labs, will provide a comprehensive review of the  “Serious Illness Conversation Guide".  Learn how to start difficult conversations for adults with serious illness to better align care to a person's values, goals and choices. The recorded webinar:

1. Offers interdisciplinary clinicians a structured approach to planning discussions that begin at 18 years old and continue through adulthood

2. Provides a road map of the types of advance care planning discussions on the health care journey that outlines who, when, and how to have these discussions

3. Describes a structured, evidence-based approach for patient-clinician conversations about values, goals and choices for patients with a serious illness

To view:

Join the Ariadne Labs "Community of Practice"

For Care Providers

The Serious Illness Care Community of Practice is a private space for collaboration between interdisciplinary teams implementing the Serious Illness Care Program at their institutions. This virtual community provides implementation support through peer mentoring, sharing of experiences and lessons learned, downloadable materials, videos, and webinars. To join, go to, click the Register button to complete the registration, and then select to join the Serious Illness Care Community of Practice. If you are encountering issues while attempting to join the community, please contact us at:

Join the  Serious Illness Care Community of Practice here.

The Conversation Project Starter Kits

For Consumers and Care Providers

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care. They offer their Conversation Starter Kits "as a useful tool to help people have conversations with their family members or other loved ones about their wishes regarding end-of-life care." They offer several starter kits in multiple languages.

Download the free Conversation Project Starter Kits here.