Naitonal POLST logo I am so pleased to share some exciting news. The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) has informed the DPH MA MOLST Advisory Subcommittee that they received the Subcommittee’s recommendation to adopt the National POLST form and process for use in Massachusetts, and as a result, is in process of developing a multi-year plan to move from MA MOLST to National POLST.

We are delighted that Massachusetts is joining  National POLST, a 43-state movement that has adopted a national standard of care for adults with serious illness.  With National POLST's deep expertise and evidence-based materials, we can build an improved statewide collaborative process that delivers quality person-directed care to adults with serious illness from first diagnosis, through managing treatments, to end of life. For the present, our current MA MOLST form and process remains in place as the next phase begins to build a multi-year implementation plan.

I join EOHHS in thanking the members of the MOLST Subcommittee for their invaluable work over the last two years, with guidance from the DPH Palliative Care & Quality of Life Interdisciplinary Advisory Council.  I’d also like to thank the Guardianship-MOLST Advisory Committee, co-sponsored by Honoring Choices MA and MA Health & Hospital Association, working in tandem with the Subcommittee to safeguard the rights of  individuals with serious illness under guardianship.

Additionally, my deep gratitude to the hundreds of Honoring Choices Partners who sparked this process with the 2017  "MOLST Meeting the Challenge" statewide tour, and who have contributed to "Important Milestones" on this journey.  Your first-hand knowledge of the real life challenges adults and families face, and suggestions for collaborative solutions, has been essential to the success of the MOLST Advisory Subcommittee's work.

We have received many questions about next steps, and dozens of offers to help contribute to the process. We have made note of all and thank you for your continued commitment and generosity. We'll keep you posted and look forward to engaging all your expertise in the next phase of implementation.

Ellen M. DiPaola, Esq.

Chair, DPH MOLST Advisory Subcommittee and President & CEO, Honoring Choices MA

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