The Right Words for the Right Conversations by Dr. Sunita Puri

We were delighted to gather the Honoring Choices Partners & Friends for a special hour with noted author and palliative care physician Dr. Sunita Puri.

Dr. Puri shared her experience in helping patients and families re-define what it means to live well and die well in the face of serious illness. We learned more about how to facilitate and encourage serious illness care conversations, finding the right words to help patients and address cultural linguistic diversity. We had a dynamic and diverse group of individual care providers as well as care teams participating and exchanging ideas with Dr. Puri.

Dr. Sunita Puri is the Program Director of the Hospice and Palliative Medicine fellowship at the University of Massachusetts, where she is also an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. UMass Memorial Health, Division of Palliative Care, is an Honoring Choices MA Community Partner. In her book That Good Night: Life and Medicine in the Eleventh Hour, Dr. Puri interweaves stories of her upbringing with stories about her patients to help readers understand the importance of precise, compassionate language when talking with our doctors and each other about what we want for ourselves when we are very sick, and what it means to live with meaning and purpose as we face mortality Read more here.

You can contact Dr. Puri at or
• Twitter: @sunitapurimd
• Instagram: @sunitapurimd

Thank you Dr. Puri for helping Honoring Choices MA mark our 10th anniversary by lending our Partners your expertise to support their work.