The Honoring Choices Partners are contributing their experience to a comprehensive telehealth survey to understand how we can make telehealth better together!

Barbra G. Rabson, MA Health Quality Partners (MHQP) President and CEO, an Honoring Choices Alliance Partner, invited all the Honoring Choices care providers and clinicians statewide to share their experience and participate in the unique rapid response telehealth survey.

"Thanks to all for filling out the Wave 1 Survey," says Ms. Rabson.  "MHQP is here to help clinicians share what you are learning from your telehealth experiences to help the whole profession adapt as swiftly as possible to these unprecedented challenges. Over  the past few weeks, we’ve been piloting a rapid feedback process to get a valuable view of what it has been like for healthcare providers across the state to make a dramatic, sudden shift to a whole new way of providing care. More than 120 clinicians shared with us some incredible feedback about their telehealth experiences. The insights are fascinating!"

CLICK HERE to see Wave 1 Survey summary results

"Now, we’d like to go to a deeper and more practical level on specific topics related to telehealth. We’d love to learn about what has been working and what hasn’t – specific challenges, useful improvement ideas, tips and tricks – so that we can share your ideas across the network.

Here's the 5 minute- Wave 2 Survey. Would you please jump in and give us your insights and ideas?  As quickly as possible, we will share the insights and ideas from the responses in an easy-to-digest format and continue to build an ever-evolving knowledge base of how we can make telehealth better together. Thank you for your help."