Health Care Planning Ambassador Program & Workshops

COVID-19 UPDATE:  We will resume virtual Ambassador Workshops in early Fall. Please let us know if your organization is interested in a 90 minute workshop. For information, contact

Ambassadors confidently engage adults in powerful health care planning conversations anywhere adults live, work and gather!  Ambassadors with the support of their program supervisors incorporate the Ambassador Program into their everyday workflow to start early and routine conversations, track positive outcomes and connect adults to person-directed care. To get started, attend an Ambassador Workshop below or host a workshop. 

Fall Health Care Planning Ambassador Workshops: Register Here.

List of Ambassador Workshops and Community Events by Region to date.

Health Care Planning Ambassadors engage adults in powerful planning conversations to complete a MA Heath Care Proxy and Personal Directive (Living Will), and connect adults to essential care in their community. This workshop provides Ambassadors and their program supervisors with everything they will need to engage adults in early and effective conversations, educate fellow staff as Ambassadors, and offer community educational events. Before you register, please talk with your program supervisor about becoming an Ambassador and implementing this structured approach at your organization/group. Read more about the Ambassador Program below.

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North Shore and Metrowest

Dec. 10. Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care Ambassador Workshop

9:00am-10:30am, Season Hospice & Palliative Care, Burlington

Who can attend : Open to all care providers and community professionals.

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Metrowest- Boston

Sept 25. Elder Community Collaborative (ECC) Ambassador Workshop

8:30 am- 10:00 am, Bridges at Sudbury.

Who can attend: ECC members and those invited by members.

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North Shore

Oct 2. Greater Lynn Senior Services Ambassador Workshops

1:30-3:00pm , Greater Lynn Senior Services.

Who can attend:  In-House Home Care Staff Staff only. No registration.


South Shore

Oct 24. Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care Ambassador Workshop

9:00am-10:30am, Season Hospice & Palliative Care, Norwood.

Who can attend : Open to all care providers and community professionals.

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Worcester & Central MA

Nov. 12 UMass Medical School Ambassador Workshop

12Noon- 1:00pm , UMass medical School, Worcester.

Who can attend:  In-House only for Graduate Nursing Students and Medical Students.


Oct 22. Elder Affairs Worcester Senior Center Ambassador Workshop

9:00am- 10:30 am, Worcester Council on Aging.

Who can attend: Open to all care providers and community professionals

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Springfield & Western MA

Nov 20. Western MA Transitions in Care Cross Continuum (TICCC) Workshop

The Power of the Personal Directive: Helping ALL Adults Write Down What Matters Most!

2:00- 4:00pm, Baystate Medical Center Education Facility.

Who can attend: All Care Providers, TICCC members and Baystate Health Staff.

Participants will receive Health Care Planning Ambassador Certificate.

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What is a Health Care Planning Ambassador Program?

Over 600 Ambassadors to date are working together to help standardize accurate health care planning information and documents, and create healthier communities across the Commonwealth.

What does an Ambassador do?

Ambassadors use the Honoring Choices MA (HCM) structured health care planning approach to-

  • Engage adults in a health care planning discussions to make a personal care plan
  • Help adults complete a MA Health Care Proxy & Personal Directive (Living Will)
  • Listen to and record consumer feedback on the real-life barriers and challenges to care
  • Connect adults to essential person-directed care and put their care plan into action

Who can become an Ambassador?

Anyone who engages adults in planning discussions can sharpen their knowledge and skills, such as

  • Health care providers: nurses, social workers, care managers, nursing & medical students
  • Community professionals: councils on aging staff, faith based groups, visiting nurses, attorneys
  • Community volunteers: to reach consumers within their language, culture, religion & ability

How do you become an Ambassador and start an Ambassador Program?

To become an Ambassador, you attend a free Ambassador Workshop. Ambassadors and their program supervisors receive everything they will need to incorporate the Ambassador Program into your daily workflow. You’ll learn to-

  • Confidently start planning conversations with Honoring Choices “Getting Started Tool Kit”
  • Learn about the 5 MA care planning documents to update & add to your care plan
  • Educate your fellow staff & colleagues as Health Care Planning Ambassadors
  • Offer fun & informational community presentations, i.e. “Pizza & Proxy”
  • Implement a structured, team-based planning approach to start planning conversations and connect adults to quality person-centered care

What tools and materials do you receive?

Ambassadors and program supervisors can tailor the tools and materials to align their program goals and routinely start early and effective planning conversations-

  • Honoring Choices Health Care Planning Ambassador Certificate
  • “Who’s your Agent ?® Program, an evidenced-based structured team approach
  • Getting Started tool Kit, a simple 1-2-3 process to start to make your plan
  • Next Steps Tool Kit to build on your plan through wellness, chronic and serious illness
  • Ambassador Manual which includes the Program Supervisor Implementation Checklist

How do Ambassadors help shape healthier and livable communities?

In addition to connecting adults to quality care, Ambassadors listen to & record vital consumer feedback on the real life barriers and challenges to accessing care in their community. Here is how it works

  • Ambassador’s keep a running tally of simple data and note consumer feedback using the HCM Partner & Ambassador Data & Feedback tracking sheet
  • Every quarter, HCM emails Ambassadors a “5-Minute Report” to summarize & submit feedback
  • HCM posts the findings and shares with Age- and Dementia Friendly towns and cities to improve access transportation, adequate food, stable housing, and create pathways to care. Read more.

What is the cost and commitment?

There is no cost to become an Ambassador. Any organization or group can host or attend an Ambassador Workshop and fold in the program as it makes sense for your organization. We ask you to:

  • Use the HCM programs to help standardize accurate information and free MA documents
  • Supervise your Ambassadors to achieve your goals and reach populations in your community
  • Track positive outcomes and submit the Partner & Ambassador Date & Feedback Report

What on-going support does Honoring Choices provide?

We work closely with Ambassadors and program supervisors to grow your program-

  • You automatically become a HCM Community Partner; we can promote your work here
  • Ambassador’s receive a monthly e-newsletter with new tools and informational updates
  • We ‘Spotlight” your program and Ambassadors on the HCM Ambassador webpage
  • We do joint projects and develop tools to better reach your community

How do I get started?

Everyone is welcome. Start by attending or co-hosting an Ambassador Workshop.  Email Ellen DiPaola, President & CEO,