Advanced Illness and End of Life Care

Kathleen O'ConnorEverything You Wanted to Know About Funerals, But Were Afraid to Ask.

“Why pre-plan your funeral?” asks Kathleen (“Kitty”) M. O’Connor, J.D., LL.M. “The first reason is that it is a thoughtful and generous gift to your survivors.  Whether death arrives quickly or after an extended illness, it typically leaves a wake of grief and sadness for your survivors to deal with.  By pro-actively planning your own funeral needs, you can alleviate that burden for your loved ones.” Attorney  O’Connor, a Honoring Choices Community Partner, offers an easy to read article with useful information that every consumer should know.


Kathleen M. O’Connor, J.D., LL.M, Eckel, Morgan & O’Connor, LLC

Advanced Illness and End of Life Care

We’ve put together information and tools that may be helpful when managing advanced illness and transitioning to end of life care and services

Collins_BethMake Each Day the Best it Can Be, One Day at a Time

Dr. Elizabeth Collins talks about palliative care and how she ‘walks with each patient and family’ to understand how a person is experiencing a disease, and to treat pain and symptoms for a better quality of life. Read here

Elizabeth Collins, MD, Medical Director of Palliative Care, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

hispanic-black grandma g-daughterThings to Know About Life-Sustaining Treatments

Life-sustaining treatment refers to medical treatments that are used to prolong life by supporting an essential body function, such as the heart beating, breathing or adequate nutrition, when that body function is not able to work on its own. It’s your choice to decide what treatments you want and do not want.

End of Life 003 Choosing Hospice: A Personal Journey for Adults and Families

Information on hospice care and how it can help adults with advanced illness live each day to the fullest.

Nancy Storer, Christina Della Crore, Cindy Mayher, and Denise McQuaide of Parmenter Community Health Care