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HCP Facilitator and old manTalk with a Health Care Planning Facilitator

A Health Care Planning Facilitator is a non-judgmental guide who can help adults explore information and personal goals and beliefs to make informed care choices, communicate their choices in Massachusetts planning documents, and help adults connect to person centered care all through their life.  Read more in “Things to Know About A Health Care Planning Facilitator.”


Honoring Choices offers two Facilitator Courses for care professionals and others to enhance their knowledge and skills and engage adults in health care planning discussions.  To Read More and Register for  Facilitator Courses, click below:

Honoring Choices Health Care Planning Facilitator Course for Community Partners

Respecting Choices® First Steps ACP Facilitator Certification Course

Talk with Others to Communicate Your Plan

Explore information and tools to help you begin a conversation and keep the conversation going all through your life. Share your choices and preferences with family, friends, and in your community groups to get the care you want right now to improve quality of life, and care you want at the end of life.

Talking Together, Empowering Each Other

Adults can come together to talk about health care planning topics and planning tools, and share information to help get the care they want right now, and in the future.

Ted Aransky, M.Ed., LSW, CMC and Certified Health Care Planning Facilitator

ellengoodmanStarting the Conversation

Start a thoughtful conversation about end of life care with family members and care providers, using the downloadable Conversation Starter Tool-kits.  Read more about the Conversation Starter Kit, click here.

Also  view,  “How To Talk  To Your Doctor”; and,

Pediatric Starter Kit: Having The Conversation with Your Seriously Ill Child


Ellen Goodman, Co-Founder and Director of The Conversation Project

S. SchettleSharing the Experience

Talking in your community groups to share experiences of planning and end of life care can be a powerful way to learn from each other.

Sue A. Schettle, Executive Director of Honoring Choices Minnesota