donation-page-graphic-700-wideHealth care planning is not about one document or one conversation, but a life process to promote everyday wellness, plan for the future, and get the best possible person-centered care all through your life.

How Do I Make My Plan?

Our 3-Step Planning Guide helps you to make a plan & connect to care:

Step 1: Explore. Consider information to make care choices;

Step 2: Plan. Talk with your family & care providers and communicate your choices in MA planning documents;

Step 3: Connect. Put your plan into action for the quality care that honors your choices.


 Explore: What’s Right For You?

STEP 1- EXPLORE: Consider the information below in order to make care choices that are right for you. Click on the boxes below to read more.


short hair brunett mid age womanLegal Rights

  • 5 Top Legal Rights
  • Having Capacity & Limits to Capacity
  • How to Choose a Health Care Agent


3. Black young mom two girlsMedical & Health Care Information

  • Make a Road Map for Quality Care
  • What are Life-Sustaining Treatments?
  • Who’s on Your Health Care Team?


high_pro3158755Reflect on Values & Beliefs

  • Faith Leaders Share their Thoughts
  • How Beliefs Impact Decision-Making?
  • What’s Right for You?



plan-smlTalk with Family & Others

  • Talk About Your Choices
  • The Conversation Project Tool Kits
  • Talk in Your Community Group