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yound doc talking to lady in greenWorking in Partnership for the Best Possible Care At Every Phase of Health

Talk with your patients and clients and make a plan that:

• Promotes their everyday health;

• Plans for future care, and;

• Honors their choices all through their life.

Connect: 5 Things To Talk About With Your Patients and Clients

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How Do I Start a Discussion?


The  “5  Things to Talk About with Your Patients and Clients”   is  basic guide of 5 key topics and suggested questions that mirrors the consumer guide, 5 Things to Talk About with Your Care Providers. The guides help care providers and their patients/clients have effective health care planning discussions at every phase of health.  You can start with one topic or explore a few questions, and build on your discussion as your patient/client’s health needs and choices change over time. The 1 page guides below have ample room to add your notes.


We offer 3 guides to care providers. Download and print below:


1. “5 Things To Talk About” Basic Discussion Guide

2. Managing Health  and Chronic, Progressive Illness Guide

3. Coping with Serious Illness and End of Life Care Guide