connect-smlWork in Partnership To Put Your Plan into Action!

Talk with your doctors and  care providers about your care goals, values and choices. Make a care plan that:

• Promotes your everyday health,

• Plans for future care, and

• Matches the best possible care to your choices at every phase of health.

Step 3 Connect: Put Your Health Care Plan into Action!


Who are Your Care Providers?

A care provider can be a doctor, nurse, social worker, home care aide, care manager or – any care professional who provides treatment and care.  Working together helps your care providers match quality care to your choices right now and in the future.

How Do I Start a Discussion?

You can start a discussion with your care providers. It’s simple to do using the  5  Things to Talk About with Your Care Providers . This handy discussion guide is based on your 5 Top Legal Rights. The guide can help you and your care providers make a plan for the best possible care when you are healthy, coping with chronic illness, or managing serious advancing illness. You can start a discussion with just one question or a few questions, and build on your discussions all through your life. Choose questions that make sense to you, and revisit this list as your health needs and choices change overtime. You can download a copy of the guide below, add your own questions, and  bring the guide with you to your next visit.


“5 Things To Talk About With Your Care Providers” Discussion Guides

Start with the basic guide. You can use the other guides as your health care needs and choices for care change overtime.


1. “5 Things to Talk About with Care Providers” Basic Guide

2. Managing Health and Chronic Illness Discussion Guide

3. Coping with Serious Illness and End of Life Care Planning Discussion Guide

4. Palliative Care and Serious Illness Discussion Guide