Meet the Community Partners

Honoring Choices Community Partners

We partner with community groups, health care providers, faith based & cultural groups to help adults make a health care plan and get connected to care in their community. Consumers can find Community Partners in 6 different regions statewide.

Honoring Choices Community Partners work together to:

Provider facilitating health care choices.

Start planning discussions

Partners help you to start a planning discussion to make choices for care that are right for you, and write down your choices in the 5 MA documents.

Doctor and patient discussing plans.

Connect adults to care

Partners can provide care or connect you to care and services in your community that matches your care goals, values, choices.

Diagram showing professional and community groups that provide care.

Build a Partner Network

Partners work together to build a network of care providers and services to help adults & families get the best possible care all through their lives.

There are Partner Networks in 6 Regions Across the Commonwealth

Community Partner Regional Map

Meet the Community Partners in Your Region

The Community Partners in each region offer a wide range of services to help adults & families at different phases of health. Some Partners can help to start a planning discussion; other Partners can provide care and services. All Partners use the Honoring Choices “Who’s Your Agent?” Program and Tool Kits and are committed to helping adults get the best possible care that honors their values and choices.


Select a region below to view the list of Community Partners and read a brief description about their services. You should contact a Partner directly to determine if their help &  services are right for you. We list Partners here as information, and do not endorse, refer to, or recommend services. New Partners join weekly. Check back often!