Who’s Your Agent?®

Who’s Your Agent?®

“Who’s Your Agent?  is the first public health education & engagement program to open the door to lifelong health care planning discussions. It helps you or a loved one make a personal health care plan that reflects your values, care goals and choices, in order to get the best possible care that honors your choices all through your life.


The Who’s Your Agent? program has two easy to use tool kits: “Getting Started” and “Next Steps”. The tool kits are step-by-step guides to help you explore information to make choices for care, write down your choices using the 5 Massachusetts planning documents, and work in partnership with your doctors and care providers to match care to your values and choices at every phase of health.

Getting Started Tool Kit

START HERE to make your personal plan. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! This guide helps you to:

Step 1. Choose a Health Care Agent in a Health Care Proxy

Step 2. Talk with your Agent & family. Write down your values & choices in a Personal Directive

Step 3. Talk with your care providers to match good care to your values & choices.

Not sure who to choose as your Agent yet? No Problem! Just start with health care plan with a Personal Directive- Step 2.


Getting Started Tool Kit: Click here to download and print 

Next Steps Tool Kit

Now that you have started to make a plan, you can build on your discussions and add/update planning documents. This guide helps you to:

Talk with your care providers. Use the handy guides, “5 Things to Talk About With Your Care Providers”: Chronic Illness Guide and Serious Illness Guide

Choose a person to manage your financial affairs. Add a Durable Power of Attorney.

Learn about making choices for life-sustaining treatments.  Things to Know About a Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment Order (MOLST form), and a Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate Order (CC/DNR form)

• Learn about Palliative Care

• Learn about Hospice Care


Next Steps Tool Kit: Click here to download and print.


Get Help to Make a Plan in Your Community


The Honoring Choices Community Partners can help you get started on your plan. Our Partners have the  Who’s Your Agent? Program Tool Kits  and can help you and your family start a health care planning discussion and review the planning documents.   Read more about our Community Partners and locate a Partner near you.