Health Care Road Map

Health Care Road Map

Where are you on your health care journey?


Whether you are making your own plan or helping a loved one, you can use the road map below as a guide to help you create a personal health care plan. The road map generally covers 3 phases of health and outlines:


♦ What To Talk About- the the type of discussions to consider at each phase of health, and below it;

♦ Start the Discussion- the discussion guides to help you talk with your family and care providers about your care choices, and

♦ Write it Down- the tool kits and single planning documents to create your health care plan.


All the health care planning information, discussion guides and tools are free and downloadable on the Honoring Choices website. No matter where you are on your journey, a good place to start your plan is with the "Getting Started Tool Kit".

Health Care Road Map Chart